REAP Therapeutic Counselling Services


REAP offers counselling within the following areas:


* Bereavement

* Drugs

* Eating Disorders

* Mental Health

* People Living with HIV / AIDS

* Gays / Lesbians

* People with Disability Status

* Personal Development

* Post Trauma

* Well Being

* Education

* Employers / Employees

* Asylum seekers & Refugees

* Couples

* Family Issues in relation to Absent Fathers 


Plus any other issues relating to health and well being


A referral form can be downloaded (click here)



Other Services:






   Room Hire (click here)








" God Bless you and everyone involved in REAP. You have a fantastic place,


your own little corner of the universe where people can come to gain wisdom and peace.




Thank you for sharing it with me! May it grow and go from strength to strength with your vision becoming a reality.


Love thanks and every possible good luck for the future.

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Ralph: 07930535622


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