REAP Therapeutic Counselling Services

About Us

REAP Therapeutic Counselling Service (REAP) was established in April 2007 by 2 of it's counsellors. REAP was established as a cultral perspective organisation with a vision to improve the provision of therapeutic counselling, in order to meet the needs of all nations, particularly black and minority ethnic comminities.



REAP delivers a wide range of services that offer a sensitive, professional and holistic approach which is totally confidential. This includes a therapeutic environment encouraging individuals to grow to their full potential, for the benefit of themselves and their communities.



REAP is a flexible service in that we always try to assist our clients needs in the best way we can, by providing the service where our client feels most comfortable and at a time that is suitable for them, whether it be on an evening or weekend.



                                    REAP is a fundamentally BME run

                                    organisation with our counsellors and

                                    volunteers being of a range of ethnicity's.

                                    Our staff are committed, knowledgeable,

                                    flexible and trained in a majority of areas

                                    due to 10+ years within the counselling and 5+ years within the therapy field.



REAP has developed an organisation supporting schools & children's centres with early intervention, Children's homes, local voluntary and statutory organisations with small projects and individuals and their families within the community.



REAP is funded by grants, contracts and generated income. Income generated include donations, room space hire & play scheme.




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"Ralph, the burberry boy! Thanks for giving me some self-confidence &


making me feel like a human being again! You really helped."


Cheers Mate

REAP's central philosophy is based around a seed that is planted and if nurtured


will grow and achieve it's full potential.